Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tracking Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma coming our way I'm posting some information as we watch the forecasts.

Forecasts suggest that if Irma does come our way it would be Sat/Sun/Monday September 9/10/11

Tides will be high around noon and midnight on those days.

Storm surge predictions for Sewells Point are HERE

5 day forecast animation by the National Hurricane Center

The website Tropical Tidbits provides a very good narrative every few days in a 10-minute video cast. Also under the various tabs there are well-organized model results. Click around it and enjoy. The author is a grad student at FSU so donate a bit if you like it. I'm sure he could use the $.

Our friends at UNC have the ADCIRC Model now running for Irma. It shows the hurricane track, predicted storm surge, and much more. LINK

I'll be adding to this as Irma approaches.

Evacuation - Evacuation orders will be given based on the 'know your zone' scheme. Go to Know Your Zone and find which of the four zones you are in. Helpful tip - go to LINK and enter your address in the upper left 'find address or place'. Good luck.