Thursday, April 21, 2016

Urban resilience framework for Norfolk, VA -

A new report on Norfolk relevant to many coastal cities LINK

Here is the abstract:

The same water that makes Norfolk, VA an ideal home for international ports and naval installations is also increasingly flooding large parts of the city and the surrounding Hampton Roads region. This report describes the development of a process to analyze the resilience of urban regions to the shocks and stresses that those cities care about, and applies this process to address flooding in Norfolk and Hampton Roads. The goal is to provide Norfolk city officials and regional asset owners with actionable information to plan the infrastructure improvements that will most greatly enhance the region’s resilience to flooding. Results suggest that there are wide-ranging impacts of a major acute flooding event beyond the Hampton Roads region. A single four-day, 100-year flood event in Hampton Roads would cause on the order of $355-606 million in detrimental impacts to global production, with greater impacts occurring in the future as net sea levels rise. This report highlights the infrastructure behaviors, interdependencies, and the economic analyses that determine these impacts.