Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More evidence of Gulf Stream Slowdown

Two papers just published by Rahmsdorf et al in Nature and Ezer in Global and Planetary Change  give more information on the Gulf Stream slowdown and of course that relates to coastal sea level.

The paper reference is Rahmstorf, S., Box, J., Feulner, G., Mann, M., Robinson, A., Rutherford, S., Schaffernicht, E. (2015): Exceptional twentieth-Century slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation. Nature Climate Change (online) LINK

Tal Ezer. 2015. Detecting changes in the transport of the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic
overturning circulation from coastal sea level data: The extreme decline
in 2009–2010 and estimated variations for 1935–2012 LINK TO PDF

www.realclimate.org has nice review of the Rahmsdorf paper and link to graphics etc. LINK